Girasol Learning

At Girasol Learning, we develop reusable and erasable teaching materials for children in their first years of life. It has multiple benefits, these materials allow children to experiment and explore, encouraging their creativity and imagination. Additionally, it helps them develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Being reusable, they can be used multiple times, making them more economical and ecological in the long term. Regarding home teaching, these materials can be a useful tool to reinforce concepts learned in the classroom and encourage children's autonomous learning.

The materials we develop are a guide at home, so that children develop all the knowledge according to their age.

"Sowing knowledge from childhood"


Importance of routine in early childhood

Training Folders

They are useful for
encourage independence, concentration and hand-eye coordination.

Erasable Notebooks

Encourages children's learning and creativity to power
erase and rewrite multiple times.

Memory games

These games
they help improve your ability to concentrate, pay attention and remember,
as well as teach them to follow instructions and develop
social skills.


they are useful tools for learning
in early childhood as they help stimulate memory,
attention and concentration.

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